Biomedical Research Center
Development and Operations

ITSI provides solutions in biomedical research center design/development, tissue banking and biospecimen analysis.

A biomedical research center is a work place for conducting research, performing experiments and carrying out precise measurements using analytical instruments. It must therefore be responsive to current and future scientific, analytical and work flow trends. The planning, design, management and maintenance of a research center must be adequate and efficient in space and equipment, and flexible to accommodate the changing technologies and activity processes. A well designed and maintained laboratory must encourage scientific and analytical excellence, and facilitate interaction and integration of resources to improve overall efficiency.

ITSI has the personnel with combined experience of over 55 years in biomedical research and analytical chemistry. ITSI will work with clients to:

  • Arrow Determine specific needs; define goals and expected outcomes.
  • Arrow Source, acquire, license and implement appropriate technologies.
  • Arrow Provide technical and analytical support
  • Arrow Develop manuals for management and maintenance of facilities
  • Arrow Determine personnel and training needs.
  • Arrow Develop and implement training programs for all personnel.
  • Arrow Plan and manage a facility that will be functionally viable and flexible for expansion of new technologies.
  • Arrow Leverage the needed expertise and resources.

Through its biosciences unit (ITSI Biosciences, LLC) We also provides solutions for a) tissue banking and dry state DNA storage at room temperature and b) analysis of biospecimens at the DNA, RNA and protein levels.

DNA and tissue banks are now important and critical elements for biomedical research, paternity testing, remains identification and forensics. Many organizations including universities, hospitals, biotechnology industries, the military, police departments and centers for disease control require DNA and tissue banks to support their operations. Choosing the right solution can significantly reduce the cost of setting up and operating a facility. ITSI is the leading provider of professional advice, research protocols and equipment for integrated biomaterial banking and analysis. We supply equipment for cryogenic and room temperature storage. Our comprehensive approach to bio-repository development offers clients the unique opportunity to collect specimens, store, process and manage all the biomaterials and results using computerized sample and results management tools.

ITSI will work with clients to design, develop and manage a fully integrated program for:

  • Arrow DNA, biological and clinical specimen collection
  • Arrow Dry state DNA storage at room temperature
  • Arrow Tissue storage at cryogenic temperature
  • Arrow Specimen distribution between facilities
  • Arrow Specimen analysis
  • Arrow Training of personnel